Affordable SEO Friendly Websites


At Loved By Me, we get that there’s no point having a beautiful website if nobody sees it! We’ve worked hard to develop affordable, SEO friendly websites, right here in Brisbane. You don’t need to risk far flung web developers or miss out on search engine optimisation essentials when you choose an affordable LBM website!

Search Engine Optimisation Goodness!

Search Engine Optimisation is about making your new website visible and easy to index by search engines. When you choose Loved By Me, you’re choosing the right balance of design and strategy. Check out the SEO friendly elements automatically included in your new website:

Customised Title and Description tags

Each page of your LBM Designs website will allow for unique page titles and meta descriptions.


Your “back end” will be checked (oh dear) for search engine accessibility BEFORE you take control of your site, one less thing to worry about!

Measurement Tools

Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools tracking code will be installed prior to you taking control of your site. It’s all about measuring the performance of your SEO friendly website.

301 Redirects

If this is not your first website, we can arrange for 301 redirects to be put in place, preserving any SEO value you had already and transferring it to your new website.


We can arrange for speedy web hosting that is the most affordable option for your needs – but won’t risk your SEO performance. We’ll make sure there are no bad neighbourhoods or resource piggies on your server and that your whole site is hosted in one place.

Header Tags

Your design will be powered by WordPress, making it simple to add headers to your copywriting

404 Errors

Before taking the reins, we’ll check for any 404 errors and fix them – you’ll have instant access to all error information via Webmaster Tools.

Image Optimisation

We’ll ensure your images are named correctly, are the right size and have the right Alt Text to get them ranking.

Site Speed Optimisation

Your site will be optimised for optimum speed – including image resizing that doesn't impact prettiness!

SEO Friendly URLs

Got keywords? We’ll set up your URLs for optimum performance.


We’ll develop an XML sitemap that automatically updates for search engines, and, where applicable, an image sitemap to help your rank in image search.


We can arrange for SEO copywriting for your site, including keyword research and optimisation. We’ll then upload the content for you – all done.


Loved By Me small business SEO friendly websites are all about creating quality websites for work at home mums, start-ups and small businesses in Brisbane. Just because we’re “cheap and easy” doesn't mean we’re not good – you’ll love our design as much as our performance. Why wouldn't you choose us?