Gorgeous Design

Your little business will have a web designer, who knows you, personally, and what you’re trying to achieve - and exactly how to achieve it.

100% Responsive

Sites developed and designed to ensure your little business looks great - no matter what the device.


Your little business will have total support, from customer service to competent technical help, from a local person, who picks up the phone when you call….not a call centre.

Small Business Web Design Brisbane – LBM, Adorable, Affordable!

Imagine what you could do with small business web design targeted especially to women. Imagine small business website design especially created to market your product to mums.
Now imagine what your small business could do if 100% adorable website design was also 100% affordable website design.
Welcome to LBM Designs Brisbane. Loved By Me Design is “loved by mums” design.

Affordable WAHM website design Brisbane

As an LBM web design customer, your dream work from home business is priced to suit your WAHM budget.
We know every penny spent on online marketing comes out of the family kitty, so we specialise in affordable, adorable WAHM website design.

Small Business Web Design… By a Small Business Web Designer!

LBM Design gets small business. LBM gets “nap time is work time”, gets “no replies during school pick up,” gets “mummy come play with me”…
LBM Designs gets dreams of a little online shop and that overwhelming urge to raise your babies on your terms.
Just like you, and just like many of your customers, LBM Designs is a working mum.
LBM Designs isn’t a big office in Newstead or Brisbane city, she’s just Nicole Hocking, your web designer, developer, tech girl and customer service officer all rolled into one helpful package.
Who else would you choose to bring your WAHM dream to fruition?
LBM small business web design Brisbane – mum’s choice for affordable, adorable WAHM and small business website design in Brisbane….and mum knows best.